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Re: hosts.deny - get China off my server

On 27 Apr 2012 at 18:34, herbert langhans wrote:

> Hi List,
> before I start these experiments I better ask you.
> I have my NetBSD-server with a couple of websites on. Also two Wikis
> (the well known Mediawiki) running. There are always couple of 'users' -
> actually some bots or script kiddies what try to open an account there.
> It is annoying to delete hundreds of these. There are plugins for
> Mediawiki, but they still require care.
> Since many of these requests are from China, I would like to block the
> whole ip-range. This is possible by adding them to /etc/hosts.deny - but
> maybe there are some better solutions.
> A simple question: What do/would you use to get China off your server?
> All ideas welcome. Thanks!
> herb langhans

I don't have this setup yet but "wip/fail2ban" might do 
what you want. I'm intending to use it with ipfilter but it
seems to be very configurable so if you don't already use
ipfilter it might work with hosts.allow (or hosts.deny).

I've been adding block rules by hand and cleaning out
after a period but having it automated would be useful.


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