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Re: Would you recommend NetBSD for…?

On 4/24/12 9:56 AM, Robert Schmid wrote:
Many years ago I used to run a FreeNet on abandoned Macs and NetBSD.  They ran 
great and it was a great second life for that hardware but when OS X matured I 
switched over.  Sadly, the promise of OS X as a serious server solution never 
came to fruition and Lion has ended that dream for me.

Now that I've returned to NetBSD it seems that the attitude and intent of 
NetBSD has changed slightly.  It seems to be much more geared toward students, 
researchers and experimentalists.

So, the question I have is "Would you as a NetBSD user recommend NetBSD for 
production servers? Why or why not?"

Robert Schmid

I'm using NetBSD 5.1 on an Alix 2D3 as a production-level 24/7/365 router-firewall-wifi access point. For this intended purpose, I chose it over FreeBSD because of its' smaller RAM and HD footprint. I chose it over OpenBSD because of its' easier-to-get-along-with community. I'd choose any BSD over any Linux for any purpose. I plan on leaving 5.1 on it [with some security patches as/if needed] until the box gets replaced in a few years. If I were building this kind of a box now, I'd use NetBSD 6.x for the same reasons above.

I also have a PowerBook G4 with 5.1 on it, but it is far from production...more as a personal curiosity. :) My internet-facing boxes are pretty much all Xeon/FreeBSD now because that's the easily-available option from my Provider, but I have had NetBSD servers for email/web purposes and would do so again.

Ron McDowell
San Antonio TX

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