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Re: (AMI) usability

Jan Schaumann <> wrote:
> Unfortunately, it has repeatedly been the case that the NetBSD AMIs
> listed on are not working
> reliably.  A common problem that I've observed myself is that they
> simply cannot be ssh'd to, despite network access being open.  Is there
> anything known about this issue?

For those interested, I've filed PR misc/46306.  It seems to be
intermittent and dependent on which hypervisor the instance ends up
being placed on;  sometimes the same AMI will in fact produce a working
instance, othertimes it will not.  I've only observed this with the i386

> - in comparison to other systems, including, in particular, FreeBSD, our
>   use of pkgsrc with binary packages is quite cumbersome.  This is a
>   quite serious issue for casual and novice users, who may not (yet?)
>   understand or appreciate pkgsrc's strength

I've been pointed at the 'pkgin' tool, which might help with
installation of binary packages.  I have not yet used this tool, but it
sounds like it's going in the right direction.

> - some of the packages built for NetBSD 6.0 Beta simply do not work (on
>   the AMIs?): apache-2.2.21* installed, but the executable failed with
>   missing or conflicting dependencies (I have not yet had the time to
>   file a PR, I'm afraid)

I had filed PR pkg/46309 for this.  Apparently apache depends on a
library found in the xbase set, but pkgsrc has no way of expressing such
a dependence.


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