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Re: asterisk: module load warnings

On Aug 29,  4:18pm, Mayuresh wrote:
} Tried this with comm/asterisk18 as well as comm/asterisk10.
} On launching asterisk, the log file shows a number of warnings about not
} being able to load modules. General pattern of the warnings is as follows:
} [Apr  8 21:37:54] WARNING[18938] loader.c: Module '' does not
} provide a description.
} [Apr  8 21:37:54] WARNING[18938] loader.c: Module '' could not
} be loaded.
} From the messages (first one), I don't think it's a problem with finding
} the module. Also checked that in asterisk.conf the modules directory path
} is correct.
} Is there anything else missing in the setup?

     What is missing here is all the details of your setup, i.e. the
exact version of Asterisk, the version of NetBSD, what platform, etc.
You can't expect anybody to help you if you don't provide any details.

     I've had Asterisk running in production on sparc64 for quite some
time.  I spun up a test version on amd64 to look at a problem with a
VOIP provider last weekend (looks like the problem is with the
provider, but still waiting to see what they say).

}-- End of excerpt from Mayuresh

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