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Re: wscons, usb keyboard and bépo

On Thu, Apr 5, 2012, at 23:34, Kooda wrote:
> I’m using a keyboard layout called bépo, which is like the dvorak
> layout for the french language.
> I also use getty in wscons to log in, that I configured to use the
> bépo layout. I have absolutely no problem with my PS/2 keyboard but
> when I try to use my usb keyboard (which is a TypeMatrix 2030), the
> layout is completely different (however it’s always the same one, it
> seems to be a mixed up bépo).

What happens if you try the Typematrix without your special bépo map

I'm wondering what keycodes that keyboard sends, since its physical
layout is rather unusual.  A bépo map file designed to reinterpret a
keyboard may be all wrong for the TypeMatrix.

-- IDL

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