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Re: 5.1 release?

"Thomas Mueller" <> writes:

> On the present computer, I don't plan to build the whole NetBSD system
> including all the sets but would want to compile a custom kernel, as I
> already did for 5.1 RC3.

You can install 5.1RC3 binaries, and then build from the netbsd-5 branch
just a kernel.  It's generally very safe to have a kernel from a stable
branch hat is newer than the userland bits (from that same kernel
branch).  The reason this is ok is that a) netbsd is good about binary
compat and b) abi/kernel-abi changes are basically not allowed on stable

> I have only 8 GB disk space for NetBSD 5.1 RC3, rest of hard drive is
> shared between Linux (Slackware 13.0, 19 GB) and FreeBSD 8.1 (12 GB).
> I see where I need a bigger hard drive as well as more RAM and faster
> multicore AMD64 CPU.

agreed; that will make playing with this more fun.  even if you had a
single 500 GB drive and a single 2+ GHz processor from the last 5 years
and 1G of ram, you'd probably have enough not to be seriously annoyed.

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