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Re: 5.1 release?

Thomas Mueller wrote:
but the list of tickets or bugs holding the release is private, AFAIK.
From what I know, 2 more tickets needs to be processed, and a new RC
will be cut.

Manuel Bouyer <>

I too have been burning with curiosity about 5.1 release, or if there would be 
an RC4, since the time interval since RC3 has become much greater than between 
RC1 and RC2, or RC2 and RC3.

But now my question is how do I update the source code, what is the preferred way. I can download either the source sets or sourcecd iso, but the question is how to update the source directories.
There is the obvious

rm -R /usr/src/*
rm -R /usr/xsrc/*

and then unpack the new source, but is that the preferred way, or is there 
something more efficient, more elegant, possibly using cvs?


You can track NetBSD (current, -date -version) as you wish (ie; CVS). Please check:


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