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Re: Supported VM environments under MacOS dom0

Phil Pennock <> writes:

> On 2010-04-26 at 19:57 -0400, Greg Troxel wrote:
>>   If there's any interest in improving the portability of NetBSD to this
>>   VM, what can I do to get more diagnostic information out of it and is
>>   there anyone willing to work with me in getting it working?
>> You say this as if it's a conclusion that NetBSD is to blame, but in
>> cases like this it's hard to tell.
> I think you're reading intent into my words which was not there.  I

Sorry if I jumped to the wrong conclusion.

> think that it's an iffy "platform" which is problematic to support --
> the fact that the VM system cares more about the OS to run and what
> hardware to provide than bare metal does is not a good sign.

I agree that the virtualization software caring about the guest OS is
not a good sign.

> My understanding has been that NetBSD always works to try to run on such
> platforms anyway and I'm willing to do what I can to help, as time
> allows.

True.  It's just that the commit message might be "work around foo-VM

> I was hoping that there was some sort of remote kernel debugger I could
> use to interrupt things, so if I figure out how to plumb up the serial
> port provided to the VM to a dom0 driver I might invoke gdb on it or
> something.  Any pointers?

I believe this is doable, but the hair is on the host side.  I have seen
things on the net but not done it myself.

(BTW, I use dom0 exclusively when talking about Xen.  Xen runs the dom0
system under the hypervisor, same as domU, except that the dom0 can
control other domains and has hardware access so that it can serve xbds.)

> If I get NetBSD booted, would it be useful to capture the output from
> acpidump(8) and what would be the appropriate list / bug-tracker to use
> to chase this down further, or is there a no interest given that other
> VM systems are reported to work?

No, there is interest, but as always there's more that if you have
detailed evidence or a "if I make change X then it works" than if you
are just reporting that something doesn't work.
Posting a recipe for a workaround is useful too.

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