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Re: strange X11/intel problem with 5.0_STABLE and mplayer

Lasse Hillerøe Petersen <> schrieb:
> For now, I am focusing on the other machine (leaving my laptop in a mostly
> usable state - I haven't got any time for watching movies anyway, when I have
> to find a solution to this.)

I just double-checked and noticed that Xv does not work on my R50e
regardless of functioning DRM. I would have thought, though, that
it should work on your 945. DRM is a requirement for Xv on intel(4),
AFAIK. I also seem to recall that I once searched the web for help
in the case of the R50e's graphics and found that this problem
exists in recent Linux distributions as well (DRI is by default
disabled in Ubuntu for 85x chipsets, for example, because of this,

> But I am not sure I fully understood your suggestion. I am using Xorg as it is
> build from the xsrc directory, not from pkgsrc. I never really grasped the
> idea nor the implications of having this choice, so I prefer to just stick to
> xsrc, admittedly out of ignorance. Are you saying I should use Xorg as from 
> xsrc
> from NetBSD 5.0; use xsrc as it is from -rnetbsd-5 (which is what I am using);
> and alternatively use Xorg and libdrm from pkgsrc? Or did you mean some other
> combination?

That should be fine. Only when using Xorg from pkgsrc, make sure
you are using pkgsrc-current, not pkgsrc-2010Q1. I generally prefer
the pkgsrc variant because pgsrc has a newer version of freetype2
which seems to give better quality in font rendering (with
PKG_OPTIONS.freetype2 = truetype subpixel), even if xsrc Xorg is
built with MKTTINTERP=yes and MKSUBPIXEL=yes.


Dennis den Brok

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