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Re: ptyfs and chroot environments

In article <>,
 <> wrote:
>=> On Apr 1,  3:55pm, ( 
>=> -- Subject: Re: ptyfs and chroot environments
>=> | => It needs to be adapted, but it is a non trivial amount of work.
>=> |
>=> |    Just a random idea: would a null mount of /dev/pts into the chroot
>=> | work? (I don't have it set up at the moment to test it.)
>=> This is not ideal because it will expose ptys from outside the chroot to
>=> the chroot.
>   Yeah, naturally I thought of that after I sent it. It does seem like
>something fairly custom would need to be done for this to work and be
>(relatively) secure. Still, if you absolutely need ptyfs to work,
>depending on the the situation it might be worth the security hit.

I just added a Google SoC entry for multiple ptyfs mounts. If someone takes
it, I'll mentor it.


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