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Re: Problem with gpt partitioning in NetBSD-5.0.2 amd64

In article <>,
Peter Kerwien  <> wrote:
>I have tested some more with disks in pass-through mode => no problems
>when creating disklabels or gpt tables. I discovered that I might have
>to create a MBR with sysid 238 and then run the gpt commands to create
>partitions. But now when going back to the RAID5 array I'm stuck with:
>server1# fdisk
>Disk: /dev/rsd0d
>NetBSD disklabel disk geometry:
>cylinders: 72660, heads: 252, sectors/track: 480 (120960 sectors/cylinder)
>total sectors: 199126528
>BIOS disk geometry:
>cylinders: 1024, heads: 1, sectors/track: 8 (8 sectors/cylinder)
>total sectors: 8789061120
>Partition table:
>0: GPT Protective MBR (sysid 238)
>    start 20, size 199126508 (97230 MB, Cyls 2/0/5-24890815)
>        PBR is not bootable: Bad magic number (0x0000)
>1: <UNUSED>
>2: <UNUSED>
>3: <UNUSED>
>Bootselector disabled.
>No active partition.
>server1# gpt show sd0
>gpt: unable to open device 'rsd0d': Invalid argument
>Why cannot I execute any gpt commands? All the /dev/sd0? and /dev/rsd0?
>devices are there.

You probably have created wedges on the disk and if you do that, then
you cannot access rsd0d directly anymore. You need to unconfigure all
the wedges (and perhaps even reboot if there is a bug cleaning them up)
before you can access the underlying disk directly again.


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