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Re: Latest Intel Gfx adapters...

Thanks for the reply.

re: nVidia -- I pretty much figured on them being unsupported... I
shouldn't have even mentioned them, as I'm not too interested given
their history/stance w/ open source.

Re: Intel -- if it's something I can 'limp along' with for a time, I'm
willing to try; It was mentioned in #netbsd that one may be able to
use the vesa driver to get basic gfx running until dedicated support
appears. Does that sound reasonable?


On 3/22/10, Demelier David <> wrote:
> On Sat, Mar 20, 2010 at 01:53:26PM -0700, B Harder wrote:
>> I'm looking at purchasing a new laptop, and the latest thinkpad T-series
>> that look interesting to me are shipping w/ the following gfx adapters:
>>             * Intel GMA 5700MHD, AMT
>> * nVidia SG 256MB, AMT
> For the moment if you choose the version with the nvidia card you won't have
> any
> dri/opengl functionality since there is no binary driver for those cards,
> and
> there is no nouveau driver.
> Intel has a good name in open source gfx drivers, but I don't know for this
> chipset :-).
> --
> Demelier David

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