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Re: NetBSD domU on routed Xen setup

Thanks, Dustin, that helped a lot further.

Just for the record in case someone else needs it:

Using dest_address on the primary interface of the domU did not work. I had to:

- define a ppp interface (ifconfig ppp1 create)
- set its adress and dest_address (ifconfig ppp1
- set a default route on the ppp interface (route add default

To make it work automatically from system startup I have created the file /etc/ifconfig.ppp1 with the following contents:

and add the new defaultroute to /etc/rc.conf.


Dustin Marquess schrieb:
I don't have a setup to test it on, but...

Linux ifconfig(8) says:

      [-]pointopoint [addr]
              This  keyword  enables  the point-to-point mode of an interface,
              meaning that it is a  direct  link  between  two  machines  with
              nobody else listening on it.
              If  the address argument is also given, set the protocol address
              of the other side of the link, just like  the  obsolete  dstaddr
              keyword  does.  Otherwise, set or clear the IFF_POINTOPOINT flag
              for the interface.

NetBSD ifconfig(8) has:

     ifconfig interface address_family [address [dest_address]] [parameters]
     dest_address    Specify the address of the correspondent on the other end
                     of a point to point link.

So I guess the NetBSD version would just involve putting the remote IP
after the local IP on the ifconfig line.


On Tue, Feb 23, 2010 at 11:18 AM, Dirk H. Schulz
<> wrote:
Hi all,

I am running several Debian dom0s with NetBSD domUs using a bridged setup,
that is working fine.

I have one Debian dom0 with a routed xen setup, and that is where I have
trouble getting NetBSD domUs to connect to the network. On the Debian domUs
I have a network interface definition like this:

iface eth0 inet static
The gateway address is the address of the dom0 external interface. In the
Linux domUs the "pointopoint ..." entry makes the routed setup work.

Now how do I configure a NetBSD domU similarly? There seems not to be a
"pointopoint" configuration option for interfaces, and setting up a pppoe
interface does not make sense to me since there is no pppoe counter part.
I googled around a lot but came up empty.

Any hint or help is appreciated.


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