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Re: /dev on tmpfs and MAKEDEV overwritten by ./

Matthias Scheler wrote:
On Mon, Feb 15, 2010 at 10:40:38PM +0100, Philip Dodd wrote:
- I read some horror stories about /dev on a WAPBL slice

Yes, there were definitely problems. They are however supposed to be fixed,
eventually even before 5.0 was released. I have however personally not
tried "/dev" on WAPBL for a while.

Oh. OK - thanks - I kinda wondered about the very logic of using WAPBL on devices too, but that's more of an intellectual debate than a real life debate so....
I'm guessing that the union mounted /dev overwrote the MAKEDEV on the / disk slice when ./ did its install and so that after the tmpfs /dev was no longer mounted with union, there was nothing on the partition.

There are unfortunately known problems with "/dev" on MFS/tmpfs
the way it is configure by "/sbin/init":

        Kind regards

Again, thanks - looks like I'll go back to /dev on WAPBL, as that's the easiest way back for me. Tbh, I'd never seen issues myself, having used that setup for a while.

Best regards,


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