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/dev on tmpfs and MAKEDEV overwritten by ./


I have an issue with my box when I update from source with ./
Context :

- I read some horror stories about /dev on a WAPBL slice
- I learned that if the kernel couldn't find /dev/console, it'd run MAKEDEV

Those two put together, plus the fact that I like the idea that non-permanent stuff can sit on tmpfs made me remove the entries on my /dev slice, except MAKEDEV, and let the script recreate everything at boot, which takes next to no time.

However, I updated my system from sources, and after the reboot after a './ -O ../obj -T ../tools -U install=/' it dumped on boot, unable to find /dev/console. After getting access to the box it seems indeed that MAKEDEV is no longer in /dev on the / slice, and therefore cannot be found. I'm guessing that the union mounted /dev overwrote the MAKEDEV on the / disk slice when ./ did its install and so that after the tmpfs /dev was no longer mounted with union, there was nothing on the partition. I booted from the install CD, copied back the MAKEDEV and rebooted, and all was fine.

Is there a better way to manage this, or do I just have to note that after the install=/ I have to somehow get a copy of MAKEDEV back in /dev on the / slice (which will be union'ed with the tmpfs fs).

Thanks for any help,


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