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Re: /dev on tmpfs and MAKEDEV overwritten by ./


I have an issue with my box when I update from source with ./
Context :

- I read some horror stories about /dev on a WAPBL slice
- I learned that if the kernel couldn't find /dev/console, it'd run MAKEDEV

Those two put together, plus the fact that I like the idea that non-permanent stuff can sit on tmpfs made me remove the entries on my /dev slice, except MAKEDEV, and let the script recreate everything at boot, which takes next to no time.

However, I updated my system from sources, and after the reboot after a './ -O ../obj -T ../tools -U install=/' it dumped on boot, unable to find /dev/console. After getting access to the box it seems indeed that MAKEDEV is no longer in /dev on the / slice, and therefore cannot be found. I'm guessing that the union mounted /dev overwrote the MAKEDEV on the / disk slice when ./ did its install and so that after the tmpfs /dev was no longer mounted with union, there was nothing on the partition. I booted from the install CD, copied back the MAKEDEV and rebooted, and all was fine.

Is there a better way to manage this, or do I just have to note that after the install=/ I have to somehow get a copy of MAKEDEV back in /dev on the / slice (which will be union'ed with the tmpfs fs).

Thanks for any help,



Is there something fundamentally wrong with what I'm trying to achieve or the way I'm going about it? Should I even be concerned by /dev on WAPBL these days?

Can anyone offer advice - I often have to update this machine remotely, and so far, that's impossible.

Thanks in advance,


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