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Re: About

On Tue, Dec 15, 2009 at 02:03:24PM +0100, haad wrote:
> We are still discussing this, we would like to make wiki editable by
> everyone but on the other side wiki content must have some quality
> level.

I agree.
User-provided docs should still be posted on, because should contain closely os-related docs.

But hey, why not linking somehow and ?
I mean, once a page has reached a substantial quality level, merge it
into the tree.

Pages would then be edited only on and original pages
on should contain only a link to's new one. would become then a "staging area" for pages under
work in progress, and this is not so bad in my opinion.

I mean: we should keep in mind that NetBSD project wants to keep its
documentation at a high level of quality, and then not everything can
be publicly written on a publicly accessible wiki.

We need a "staging area", something like an approval system.

About the open editing for everyone... Uhm... Yes, it works for other
projects, but some pages (often pages about rare topics) often
contains a technically low content... Something like: "type this
command, open this file, search this line, copy here, paste
there... YOU GOT IT!!" which is what NetBSD does NOT do, but it is
good (as it may seems straightforward) to be publishied on
user-to-user websites like

Just my two cents =)
Elric W.

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