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Re: disabling warnings when booting w/o IPv6 in kernel (AKA postfix idiot question)

On Wed, 1 Jul 2009, Chuck Swiger wrote:
The other day, I booted a kernel without opsions INET6, and got a number of warnings (see below). I think it's be nice if they didn't show up in the first place. Is there a way to disable them when no IPv4 is found?
Funny enough, it's only postfix that complains...

See postfix-2.6.2/README_FILES/IPV6_README:

 * The first new parameter is called inet_protocols. This specifies what
   protocols Postfix will use when it makes or accepts network connections,
and also controls what DNS lookups Postfix will use when it makes network

           # You must stop/start Postfix after changing this parameter.
           inet_protocols = ipv4       (DEFAULT: enable IPv4 only)

That did the job, thanks!

 - Hubert

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