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Re: openssl problems in older netbsd-5

In article <>,
Chris Ross  <> wrote:
>   Hi there.  I have a [sparc64] machine running a mid-July netbsd-5  
>(NetBSD 5.0_STABLE), which would make it very similar to 5.0 RELEASE.   
>Slightly after, IIRC.
>   I'm running pkgsrc um_imap, and I'm getting imapd core files  
>regularly.  The crash seems to be in openssl, however, rather than in  
>uw-imapd.  A backtrace from a core file shows:
>Core was generated by `imapd'.
>Program terminated with signal 10, Bus error.
>#0  0x00000000411ae244 in _SHA384_Final () from /usr/lib/
>(gdb) where
>#0  0x00000000411ae244 in _SHA384_Final () from /usr/lib/
>#1  0x0000000040eec2e8 in EVP_DigestFinal_ex () from /usr/lib/ 
>#2  0x0000000040ede978 in HMAC_Final () from /usr/lib/
>#3  0x0000000040c3f55c in ssl3_send_newsession_ticket ()
>    from /usr/lib/
>#4  0x0000000040c4082c in ssl3_accept () from /usr/lib/
>#5  0x0000000040c2a4c0 in SSL_accept () from /usr/lib/
>#6  0x0000000040c31b4c in ssl23_get_client_hello () from /usr/lib/ 
>#7  0x0000000040c32370 in ssl23_accept () from /usr/lib/
>#8  0x0000000040c2a4e4 in SSL_accept () from /usr/lib/
>#9  0x000000004052c3c8 in ssl_server_init (server=0xffffffffffffdfa0  
>     at osdep.c:969
>#10 0x000000000010b174 in main (argc=1, argv=0xffffffffffffbe08) at  
>   Does anyone know if there have been any changes to fix this bug in  
>trunk, or in netbsd-5, inn the last few months?  Has anyone else seen  
>this issue?

Yes, it has been fixed on trunk, I am not sure if the fixed has been
pulled up to 5.


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