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Wedges and installing on a MacBook Pro

I'm trying to install NetBSD (5.0 STABLE) onto a MacBook Pro, by
following the instructions found here:

I installed Mac OS X first, leaving half the 320GB disk unused. I then
installed the rEFIt bootloader, as recommended in the Wiki
instructions. I've successfully booted a CD burnt with an ISO image for
amd64 from the daily build snapshots, and setup the required wedges for
a root and swap partition. I'm getting stuck at the fdisk stage, as it
cannot see any partitions.

The Wiki instructions seem to imply that the necessary DK_ options are
present in the INSTALL and GENERIC kernels, but I'm wondering if that's
the case. Before I kick off a build and potentially waste another CDR,
I'd just like to check that I'm not doing something wrong, or whether
the Wiki instructions are just out of date.



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