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Re: using a NetBSD host as an iSCSI target for OSX (time machine) (or other mechanisms)

On Mon, Nov 16, 2009 at 2:32 PM, Chuck Swiger <> wrote:
> alive.  Using RAID-1/5/6 storage based upon multiple disks, which can
> withstand single-drive failure without losing data, is a good idea;
> alternatively, you can also backup a TM storage volume onto tape or similar
> to obtain more robust backups.

I'll have to learn about Mac tape support, if it exists. I have some
tape drives I could try. I'd have to attach them through a scsi to USB
converter I suppose.

Althogh attaching a RAID disk or tape drive by USB just seems wrong to
me on some level. I suppose you could put a fibre card in one of the
large macs, but if you're using an iMac or mini (probably more common
in a work desktop enviornment), you're kinda limited to cheesey USB
RAID solutions. I don't think Apple sells one? Ugh. Networked backups
seem like a better idea where you can control the storage a little
better (including backing it up properly). I guess you can do Time
Machine backups to another Mac server, but then you have to back up
that server properly and you're back to where you started :)

I'm probably paranoid.


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