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suboptimal default fontconfig configuration


while debugging a font rendering [1]problem on NetBSD/i386 5.0_STABLE
and -current systems running native Xorg, I noticed that the default
fontconfig configuration (/etc/fonts/...) is somehow suboptimal:

Problem 1)

/etc/fonts/fonts.conf seems to be outdated: it contains functionality
which has been moved to separate configuration files (.../conf.d) in the

It should probably be updated based on the default file which ships with
NetBSD's fontconfig (xsrc/external/mit/fontconfig/dist/
Or is there a reason to keep this file as it currently is?

Problem 2)

All the default [0-9]0-9]-*.conf files shipping with fontconfig are just
installed to /etc/fonts/conf.d, which means that all of them are enabled
by default.  The fontconfig default is to just enable some of them
xsrc/external/mit/fontconfig/dist/conf.d/  Enabling all of
them like it's currently done means that for example bitmap fonts are
accepted and rejected at the same time (see 70-yes-bitmaps.conf and

What about installing those config files to /etc/fonts/conf.avail and
symlinking _some_ of them (probably the subset listed in CONF_LINKS)
from /etc/fonts/conf.d, as it's recommended in the fontconfig README?

Regards, Jukka


This email fills a much-needed gap in the archives.

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