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Re: Corrupting Files

On Mon, Dec 22, 2008 at 08:02:20PM +0900, Jorgen Lundman wrote:
> It tests the uploaded file good, md5sums are equal. I even tried setting  
> O_SYNC, and mode 0400 during, and after, upload, as a test. The file is  
> correct on disk for several minutes. Even after "sync". Then suddenly it  
> gets changed.

  What's the disk caching setup--per "dkctl wd0 getcache" (or
whatever applies given the disk you're using: "wd1", "scsictl
sd0 ...", etc.)?

And, if the write-back cache was enabled, does disabling it
(e.g., "dkctl wd0 setcache r") change the behavior?

Cheers,  --Dave

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