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Re: boot loader configuration file?

On Sat, 20 Dec 2008, Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
We already have boot.cfg(5). See the patch below which hacks in support for a
userconf script:

I am using your more recent patch. It works well. I copied new
usr/mdec/boot to /boot and created the files as suggested in the top of
the diff.

Thank you! (I needed this to use a GENERIC kernel to disable ohci per
ticket 34100.)

Any plans to commit this?

(I tested on 5.0_BETA.)

In future, we may want to load other types of files (e.g. splash screens for vesafb). It's probably best not to teach the boot loader too much about what files may be loaded (so it doesn't need upgrading every time we add support in the kernel for something else) nor do we want individual load commands for each. Therefore, I think I should a generic loadfile command which allows a type to be specified (e.g. loadfile userconf /user.conf or loadfile splash /image.xpm). The file type would be added to the boot module structure and parsed by the kernel. The load command could then just be an alias for "load elf /path/to/module".


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