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Re: Install with Windows

Hi Rim3nX!
Yes, you can use Windows and NetBSD on the same HDD, but you should care
of fact that BSD and linux systems use some disk partition in different
ways. Linux use a more useful way in formating ( as /dev/hda1, /dev/hda2
etc) and BSD systems use a slice method ( first it should be created a
slice, in your case this slice should be placed in all of 3rd partitions
on laptop and theen you create partitions in this slice).
In both of ways you have to use boot manager for choosing OSs to boot
If it's not such emergency for you I must do this kind of installation
and will document in details for a friend and could send you a copy
With best regards

On 12/18/2008, "Rim3nX" <> wrote:

>I have 3 partitions on my laptop...
>On the first one its Windows
>On second are my important files
>Third is free, where I wona Install NetBSD... How can I do it without
>harming the rest of the Hard Drive, not formating whole hard disk.
>I wona install it just as Linux could be installed, by chosing witch
>partition Im gona use for next operating system... Is it possible.
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