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Re: Filesystem problems and init.root

I have noticed that if I mount an extfs file image ( vnconfig vnd0 image
mount -t extfs /dev/vnd0a /mnt) change a file in the mount for the first
time, then do a sting search on the image file, I can see the change.
However if I then make a 2nd change, a string search does not show the
change. Even if I now do a umount, and even if followed by a
vnconfig -u vnd0, the string search will not show the change. To
try and force a flush I can do a vnconfig on another device e.g.
vnconfig vnd1 image, and the string search will find the change.
So there seems to be a buffer flush problem. a new vnconfig to another
device on the same image works even without the umount, and unconfig.
  All of this to suggest before you compress an image file you may
have to force a flush using my above technique.

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