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Re: max number of jobs for core 2 duo CPUs?

Hello all!

> That being said, if you have an extremely beefy disk array, by all
> means, 2N+1 is nice and snappy =:->

Well, I think it is time to admit that I was a bit asleep while writing
that answer. Actually, what I wanted to say was Greg's setting, i.e.
(number of cores) + 1.
Indeed, the 2N+1 setting is only useful for lightspeed-systems, which are
usually hardly found in common setups, and of course I have no tests done.

I have a machine on which I might test such things, but it is not really a
speed-monster (not in terms of CPU-Speed, it has 4 Pentium Pro 200 CPUs),
it has a really fast scsi-setup though. I don't think it will provide
better results with the 2n+1 setting when comparing it with n+1, but may
be I will give it a try, just to get some numbers.

- Volkmar


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