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Re: ARP resolution fails when MSG_DONTROUTE flag is set

This belongs on netbsd-users until there is a reason to thing there is
something broken.

Arp resolution is triggered by a 'cloning route', which is what you get
when you configure a prefix on an ethernet.        link#3             U        UG

Use "netstat -nr -f inet" instead of route show - the latter seems to do
way too much processing and you really want to see the raw table.  In
particular the C flag is missing.

It's basically wrong to expect NetBSD to arp when sending a packet other
than on the subnet configured with that prefix using a cloning route.
ARP is triggered by a packet hitting the cloning route.

I would suggest that you read the kernel code surrounding MSG_DONTROUTE.

Probably you should just manually add arp entries.

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