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NYCBSDCon Hackathon


As you may know, NYCBSDCon will take place the weekend of October 11-12,
2008 at Columbia University in New York City.  We will also have a
NetBSD developer summit on October 10th, also at Columbia University.
(The developer summit will be open to the public, so feel free to show
up and meet, greet, hack, pgp-party, eat, drink, be merry etc.)

Over the three days starting October 10th through October 12th, we'd
like to hold a NetBSD Hackathon.  The goal of the hackathon should be to
get NetBSD-5.0 blockers out of the way
(, though in the end anybody and
everybody willing to hack away at NetBSD and pkgsrc PRs is welcome. :-)
(Personally, I'd be perfectly happy with a "how many PRs can we squash
in a single weekend" kind of hackathon, too.)

Unfortunately, I personally don't have time to organize whatver is
involved in getting this ball rolling, so I'd like to ask for volunteers
to step up and making this happen.

In particular, what I need is:

- somebody to update the wiki that was used for previous hackathons

- somebody to send out announcements regarding this event to the
  appropriate mailing lists, websites etc.

- somebody to follow up on whatever else may need to be done to make
  this a successful hackathon

We hope to have a room available at Columbia for those of you who are
local.  Details will be posted to the wiki page (see above ;-).

If you have a bit of time to help with organizing this hackathon, you
could do the NetBSD project a great service.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, though for the most
part this is just a step-up-and-do-it kind of job.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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