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Re: Fail to updating an existing system from source

On Fri, Sep 19, 2008 at 07:46:36PM +0800, Ling Xiaoheng wrote:
> bha.o: In function `bha_attach':
> bha.c:(.text+0x1517): undefined reference to `scsi_bustype'
> bha.c:(.text+0x181f): undefined reference to `scsiprint'
> eap.o: In function `eap_attach':
> eap.c:(.text+0x23d7): undefined reference to `audio_attach_mi'

You removed "scsibus* at scsi?" and "audio* at audiobus?" from your
kernel configuration.  You shouldn't have.

(That said, the compilation shouldn't fail;  people should be careful
with what attribute they make their code depend on.  That's a lot of
should.  Also, there's always the debate of whether someone who has a
device exposing the scsi or audiobus attribute always want an audio or
scsibus device or not, but well.  People should use GENERIC or know what
they're doing is my final word, because I've spoken too many shoulds

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