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Re: Fail to updating an existing system from source

    Date:        Fri, 19 Sep 2008 06:23:41 -0700
    From:        "Andy Ruhl" <>

  | You did something wrong to your kernel config file. You probably
  | commented out a device you thought you didn't need, but there's
  | another device that depends on it or something.

Yes, this stuff really should all be automated, and it is getting
better, but there's still a lot of black magic with interdependencies
in the kernel config files.    The good news is that once it links, it
generally works.

  | Try building with a GENERIC kernel first.

That should work.  Then try removing things a few at a time till you
find the one (or two) - there looked to be two separate problems in
the error messages reported - that have to remain included so other
stuff that you want works (and here, things related to scsi and audio
are the ones to particularly look for).

  | Or you can also try the
  | "old" way and run config on the kernel config file to make sure it's
  | OK (I don't remember if that's the right thing to do, but it's
  | something like that).

That could certainly be done, but it won't help at all.  Config does not
find this kind of problem,   If it could find it it could either give
rational error messages (device "bha requires scsibus" or something),
or it could just DWIM and include the support routines that are needed.


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