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Softwares without source code - no tag?


I'm aware of that, NetBSD pkgsrc installation scripts requires acceptable_license variable in mk.conf or command line if there are license restrictions. Almost all of closed-source / binary softwares have license restrictions, and requires user to accept license (ie; www/opera), as clue, but 'i assume' there are some without license restrictions but without source code - distributed in binary format only. Tonight, I was searching through pkgsrc/distfiles and noticed that 'devel/py-setuptools' downloaded 'setuptools-0.6c6-py2.4.egg' binary file. I know, the origin of the file is from an free-software project, but this is somehow annoying. I would like to know, whether there is/could be a tag for closed-source / binary softwares. As far as i know, there is no such tag. Also i noticed that NetBSD pkgsrc page says 'It (pkgsrc collection) is used to enable freely available software to be configured...' using the word 'freely' which means free to use and open-source (with source code). A non-free software should be tagged i think. Forgive me if this issue is out-of pkgsrc concept and principals... I searched through FreeBSD ports documentation and they do tag only license and distribution restrictions. Regards,

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