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xen domu reboot affects other domu's


I had to reboot my winxp domu and noticed that all NetBSD domu's stopped
pinging for about 30 seconds during winxp reboot.  dom0 was responding
to ping all the time.  I haven't tried if rebooting a NetBSD domu has
the same effect (I'll try that when I can).

My dom0 is running NetBSD 4.0_STABLE #0: Fri Feb 29 08:23:12 EET 2008.
Domu kernel was built from the same source version.  Xen is

xentools3-3.1.0     Userland Tools for Xen
xentools3-hvm-3.1.0 Tools for Virtual Machine Extensions support in Xen
xenkernel3-3.1.0nb2 Xen3 Kernel

Has anyone seen this before?  Any fix available?

This is a production system, so it's not possible to do much debugging
on it.



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