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NetBSD CVS Digest volume 2, issue 15

This issue:

haad-dm: Import of the device-mapper driver. This driver is a BSD rewrite of the linux dm driver. For now only error, linear and zero targets are supported. This driver uses NetBSD specific ioctls based on proplib. Adam Hamsik was able to create a logical volume (with lvm2tools lvcreate utility) with this version of the driver, newfs it and mount it. [Adam Hamsik]

ddb: Add a show files command that prints the vnodes associated with a given struct proc and, if LOCKDEBUG is built in, the lock status of the uvmobject. [Brett Lymn]

udf: Support for allocation extents descriptor writing to allow for arbitrary heavily fragmented files. [Reinoud Zandijk]

Import bind 9.5.0-P1 [Christos Zoulas]


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