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Re: Installing the Primary Bootloader

Manuel Bouyer wrote:

ld0a is correct, if you partitionned the disk with fdisk before
using disklabel(8). In this case, run fdisk -i wd0 (to make sure
a boot block is installed on the mbr), and then make sure the
NetBSD partition is active (you can use fdisk -a to make it active).

fdisk -i ld0 did the trick.

I had used an external partitioning utility (cfdisk in Linux) in lieu of NetBSD's fdisk, due to fdisk not recognizing the full 1.4TB of the disk. I wasn't aware that fdisk also wrote bootable code to the MBR (my only experience installing bootloaders has been with installing GRUB for Linux, where I install it to the MBR after partitioning.)

Just so I make sure I understand, the bootable code installed in the MBR by fdisk calls the primary bootloader installed on the partition by installboot, which in turn calls the secondary bootloader in the filesystem, usually /boot. Is that right? I'm learning :-P

Anyway, I now have a bootable NetBSD system. I just have to configure it and I'm done :) Thanks for the help.

eRacks Open Source Systems

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