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Re: Some words are lost in tcpdump manual

Nan Xiao <> wrote:

> When I read tcpdump manual, I came across following words:
> ......
> On platforms that support the SIGINFO signal, such as most BSDs
> (including Mac OS X) and Digital/Tru64 UNIX, it will report those
> counts when it receives a SIGINFO signal (generated, for example, by
> typing your ``status'' character, typically control-T)
> SIGUSR1 signal.  and will continue capturing packets.
> ......
> I checked the source code
> (,
> and found some words are lost.
> Could you help to check it? Thanks very much in advance!

Thanks for the heads up.  I have just committed a fix.

I think the intention here was to drop the part of the sentence that
refers to the systems without SIGINFO, as that's not relevant.  There
were two promblems though, part of the sentence that should have been
commented out wasn't, and the nroff comment syntax that was used to
comment that sentence out was not entirely correct.


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