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Re: bin/56471: ntpd dies at startup on macppc/current, sshd randomly dies

Running ntpd with -D 255 shows:

setting SO_REUSEADDR on gem0@fe80::203:93ff:fe71:ffcc%2 to off
setting SO_REUSEADDR on gem0@ to off
setting SO_REUSEADDR on lo0@ to off
setting SO_REUSEADDR on lo0@::1 to off
setting SO_REUSEADDR on lo0@fe80::1%3 to off
create_sockets: Total interfaces = 7
29 Oct 10:57:56 ntpd[1447]: Listening on routing socket on fd #27 for interface updates
io_open_sockets: maxactivefd 27
forked worker child (pid 1214)
parent closed request pipe, child 1214 terminating

Running ktrace -i on it again (without the debug settings) shows this
as last sequence of calls from the child:

  1213   1213 ntpd     CALL  compat_16___sigreturn14(0xffffe000)
  1213   1213 ntpd     RET   compat_16___sigreturn14 -1 errno 22 Invalid argument
  1213   1213 ntpd     CALL  exit(0x16)

... and this kernel does not have COMPAT_16 enabled.

Just to make sure: this is from a clean build of today's -current. No old code


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