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Re: install/49470: NetBSD 9.0 RC1 reboots after bootloader (HP Compaq 6005 Pro / AMD Phenom II)

Hi Andrew,

thanks again for your guidance. As you recommended I applied the dobeep() calls also to the assembly part (locore.S).

The results are similiar. On the affected system - no beeps are heard
at all, instead it reboots immediately and without noticeably delay after the line looking like this:

	18611208+666816+1430336 [886040+1244352+888633]=0x16e1ac0

On the other test machine (different vendor) the same kernel produces the beeps as expected, while taking noticeably longer until the green messages occur (I assume this is intended and caused by the beeps). So it seems to not even enter the kernel. You mentioned you might have some hint how to apply the debugging code to the boot loader, which I would like to come back to now.

Kind regards

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