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Re: install/49470: NetBSD 9.0 RC1 reboots after bootloader (HP Compaq 6005 Pro / AMD Phenom II)

Hello Andrew,

here is what I did today:

- put printf after consinit() --> did not print out something (even not to serial console), it reboots after

	> boot
	command(s): boot netbsd
	18611208+666816+1430336 [886040+1244352+888633]=0x16e1ac0

- added the beep.S and appropriate calls after consinit() and at the beginning of main() --> did not beep on the affected machine, but does beep two times as expected on a different machine

So my assumption so far is, that the main function of init_main.c is not reached. Can you give me a hint who (which C file) is calling main() and where the interfacing between the boot loader and the kernel is happening? Can the beep method be applied to the boot loader, too?

Kind regards

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