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Re: bin/50111: sed does not support \n newline in replacement patterns.

On 01 Aug 2015 16:05, Robert Elz wrote:
>  Please no.
>  Because of ...
>    | Historically, sed did not support "\n" sequences in the substitution
>  it will always be non-portable to do so - whatever NetBSD's (or gnu's) sed
>  decides to do.   If you really want to use non-portable extensions, just
>  require & use gnu sed and be done with it.

So you're happy to introduce some GNU tools, like GNU grep, but not sed.
 Or move tools a little bit forward into 21st century.  Happy to adopt
GNU -- options, but poo poo handling of \n.  Took me two hours to figure
out why "\n" wouldn't work.  I'm not a Linux fan, but some extensions
just should be.  I balloted POSIX.2 in '90s.  Portability is a mantra,
but some things that people just expect as given should be supported.

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