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Re: kern/43200: Remove trailing comma in rump.h.

On Apr 24, 12:25pm, (Antti Kantee) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: kern/43200: Remove trailing comma in rump.h.

|  While I have no strong opinion, we need to remember that rump.h
|  should be buildable on a non-NetBSD toolchain.  That said, you need
|  a C99 compiler for the NetBSD kernel, so situations where this has
|  any practical relevance are likely far and apart.

Yes, but we have tools in userland that should be buildable with non
c99 compilers, specially the bootstrap ones.

|  And, actually, trailing comma for enums is not preferred style (+).
|  But I propose we change it -- not getting diffs for the previous
|  line when appending an enum is useful.
|  +)
|  /* $NetBSD: style,v 1.46 2010/04/24 00:54:07 christos Exp $ */
|  [...]
|  /* Enum types are capitalized.  No comma on the last element. */
|  enum enumtype {
|          ONE,
|          TWO
|  } et;

As long as you make it clear that for portability tools should not
have the trailing comma, but the kernel and non-tools userland programs


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