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RE: kern/35060 (No audio output with azalia)

Try using the MONOLITHIC kernel instead of GENERIC, you can boot one of
those as-is (without having to worry about updating /stand and /boot).

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From: Christian Hattemer [] 
Sent: September-08-09 3:45 PM
Subject: Re: kern/35060 (No audio output with azalia)

> Synopsis: No audio output with azalia
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> This should be resolved in NetBSD -current using the new hdaudio(4)
> can you give it a try?

I had a look, sounds cool.

However I had problems trying it. Since this is still a NetBSD 5 box I
created the device nodes and booted a recent -current kernel.

It detects hdaudio and everything fine, the dmesg output from hdaudio looks
promising. It didn't get further since it missed a file system to mount the
root fs. I didn't install anything except the kernel itself.

I already heard to update /stand and /boot to make this work, but I don't
feel like doing it now.

The release notes suggest that upgrading the BIOS might also help. However I
first have to finish setting up the other machine and move daily work there
before I can try any of both.

Maybe I could try booting an install CD and load some audio from a USB

Bye, Chris

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