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Re: bin/41941: games/wesnoth - core dump from make, NetBSD 4.0

The following reply was made to PR bin/41941; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: David Holland <>
Subject: Re: bin/41941: games/wesnoth - core dump from make, NetBSD 4.0
Date: Mon, 7 Sep 2009 06:29:02 +0000

 On Thu, Aug 27, 2009 at 12:05:03PM +0000, Robert Elz wrote:
  >    |  I suppose that might be difficult to do with pkg_comp.
  >  Actually, it is fairly easy, just a bit tedious, and I can do that
  >  if you really believe there's much benefit to be gained (that is, if
  >  you really suspect there may be a fix needed to a 4.x version of make
  >  that hasn't been pulled up yet).
 I'm pretty sure there are a couple, but it may not be the most
 effective way to find it.
  >  But no matter what is discovered that way, it won't help with the problem
  >  I have - I am compiling things on a 4.0 release system.   That is set in
  >  concrete from the day it was released, nothing in it can ever alter.
 Yeah, but from that perspective, if it has a bug, it has a bug, and
 you're stuck.
  >  Nothing else (I have yet found) in pkgsrc (or elsewhere) is
  >  causing make to dump core this way, and the previous version of
  >  wesnoth (before April 1 or whenever) did not cause problems either
  >  - the bug must be fairly obscure, so I suspect a better "fix"
  >  (workaround perhaps) will be to simply compensate for the make bug
  >  (which I agree is what it looks to be) by simply avoiding swinging
  >  whatever dead cat is causing this particular pain.
 Could be, but it might be difficult to find it, or having found it,
 fix it. Which depends on exactly where it's bombing. If it's bombing
 in the game's own install rules, it's probably not any of make's more
 abstruse features, which means it's probably some kind of overflow.
 I dimly remember there was a problem at one point with passing too
 many variables around... I think. But it was a long while back and I'm
 not sure. Trouble is, if it's something like that, working around it
 is likely to be highly painful.
 Do you have the backtrace from the core file? Just the function names
 may be enough to give a good idea of what's up.
 I'm not in any real hurry to download the wesnoth distfile, or I'd go
 look. :-/
  >  What do you suggest?
 Well, there are two things we ought to find out. One is whether
 anything needs to be pulled up to 4.0_PATCH to make it work (because
 if so, that should be done regardless), and the other is how to work
 around the problem with the plain 4.0 make.
 A quick and dirty way to work around the problem is to confirm that it
 works with 5.0's make (because I hope it does...) and then put
 .if (${OPSYS} == "NetBSD" && !empty(OS_VERSION:M4.*))
 into the package makefile. A blunt hammer, but probably effective...
 so maybe the easiest approach is to test with 5.0's make, and if that
 works, just go with this.
 David A. Holland

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