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Re: kern/40462: bnx0: Double mbuf allocation failure!

Jarle Greipsland <> writes:
> Thanks for the advice.  I'll find a suitable service window and
> try out a kernel with an increased setting for the NMBCLUSTERS
> option and see what happens.
I haven't been able to test anything on the computer that
originally experienced the problem, but I was allowed to play
with a fairly similar server with ethernet ports of identical
make and model, and have both managed to reproduce the problem
and try out the two suggested fixes/patches.

The patch offered by David Young prevented the system from
panicing, although the kernel would still warn:

WARNING: mclpool limit reached; increase NMBCLUSTERS

and network connectivity was interrupted.  By toggling interfaces
up and down a bit network connectivity was restored, but would
soon thereafter be interrupted again preceeded by the NMBCLUSTERS
warnings. Once I also noticed a kernel message of the form:

Error filling RX chain: rx_bd[0x????]!

(I forgot to write down the hex number in brackets).

Increasing the NMBCLUSTERS option in the kernel configuration
file seemed to solve the problem though.  I could no longer make
the system panic, and network connectivity was not interrupted.

"It takes thought to right software"

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