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Re: kern/40419 (processor sets broken on 5.99.6)

Andrew Doran <> wrote:
> > We can do yield() in sys__pset_bind(). Do you think it is worth?
> I was thinking of a function that scans all threads, with cpu_lock held, and
> checks to see if their l_cpu is allowed by their affinity mask, processor
> set or LP_BOUND flag. If not, change l_cpu (or migrate if online), then do a
> broadcast xcall to nullop() if there have been migrations.

After some thinking, I do not think it is worth. Theoretically, xc_broadcast
might still not ensure that all LWPs have migrated, eg. in a case when there
are many migrating LWPs in the same run-queue.

After last fixes, I think migration should be very fast (~immediate) anyway,
just re-scheduling overhead.

Best regards,

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