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Re: kern/40360: fictitious disklabels do not handle devices without an MBR wrote:

> > >Description:
> >     When inserting a USB device that only contains a FAT filesystems,
> >     the auto-generated disklabel incorrectly reports a 4.2BSD filesystem
> >     at the beginning of the device.
> The filesystem type in the disklabel is fairly irrelevant.
> Nothing during mount looks at it - so it is really just a comment.
> (except maybe for swap).

It's okay if it's "unused" against a raw partition,
but subr_disk_mbr.c implicitly sets 4.4BSD for partitoin 'a'
if there is no valid disklabel.
         * Set partition 'a' to be the whole disk.
         * Cleared if we find an mbr or a netbsd label.
        lp->d_partitions[0].p_size = lp->d_partitions[RAW_PART].p_size;
        lp->d_partitions[0].p_fstype = FS_BSDFFS;
It's quite a bad assumption.

Izumi Tsutsui

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