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Re: Anyone using current on m68k?

At 13:05 Uhr +0000 01.12.2008, David Brownlee wrote:
 I have a netbsd-5 installation here on a Quadra 650 that has been
pretty stable for a month or so. If that is not enough, I can drop
in a -current kernel and see how it goes.

        Thats a SCSI system? Thats probably perfect as a comparison
        with the TT030, though the Falcon is an IDE system so would
        be good to find someone with an IDE system to compare.

Well, I never got my hands on a TT, but - for one the Quadras use the 53c90 esp(4) driver, not the 53c80 ncrscsi(4), and for another they are not DMA capable. If there's anything worse than their interrup scheme, it's their pseudo DMA...

I remember <>, though, which may or may not be relevant here - somebody adding MD locking code in a fell swoop without the hardware to actually test on.

        If we can work out when atari stopped working (which is sometime
        post 3.0), maybe some of the changes to mac68k after that point
        may give a clue...

netbsd-3? That's been a while... My Quadra booted a 5.99.4 kernel nicely in the meantime, btw.


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