Index of netbsd-bugs for September, 2002

09/01/2002 pkg/18137: PLIST of gpgme doesn't work correctly.
David Laight Re: bin/18132: ruptime formating rules kern/18138: i386 -> sparc cross-compiled kernel with IPSEC boot failure
Julio Merino pkg/18139: New package misc/visual-regexp, version 3.0
dgriffi@cs.csubak.ed pkg/18140: build of mplayer fails
dgriffi@cs.csubak.ed pkg/18141: glib2 fails to build
Paul Shupak bin/18143: moused gets very hosed when using an X10 MouseRemote pkg/18144: pgp5 package doesn't recognize valid passwords
Charlie Root port-i386/17814:
Charlie Root port-i386/17815:
Bjoern.Labitzke@t-on pkg/18142: audio/esound fails to configure pkg/18145: freebsd_lib and bin/18146: typos in man pages
Lubomir Sedlacik misc/18147: typo in ex.4 pkg/18148: mail/imap-uw-utils checksum error on downloaded file pkg/18149: kdelibs-3.0.3 build failure
John F. Woods lib/18150: "passwd: /etc/master.passwd: entry inconsistent" not helpful
Anders Hjalmarsson lib/18151: Multibyte locale support for statically linked programs
Martin Weber pkg/18152: tcl-otclsh build problem
09/03/2002 install/18153: sysinst says 'c' partition on i386 starts/ends at sector 0
Osamu OISHI pkg/18154: Update mail/sylpheed to 0.8.2 with openldap support
he@netbsd.orrg bin/18155: postfix post-install script errors out due to missing "echo"
Matthias Scheler pkg/18156: buildlink2 wrapper scripts cause major build problems
Greg A. Woods Re: lib/18151: Multibyte locale support for statically linked programs pkg/18157: openssl buildlink (DEPENDS in general!?) doesn't work properly
flynn@energyhq.homei pkg/18158: New pkg: x11/qn-x11 (QNX theme for Gtk+)
Anders Hjalmarsson Re: lib/18151: Multibyte locale support for statically linked programs
marcello.balduccini@ port-i386/18159: problem running NetBSD inside NetBSD using VMWare 2.0.4
rnestor@augustmail.c port-mac68k/18161: Installation fails in newfs with segfault/disk full kern/18162: endif comments are backwards in sys/kern/exec_conf.c
Ryo HAYASAKA pkg/18160: misc/siag needs USE_NCURSES
Anders Hjalmarsson Re: lib/18151: Multibyte locale support for statically linked programs kern/18163: ipv6 deprecated address bit cannot be set manually in current pkg/18164: evolution: runtime check for libdb version kern/18165: zeroing disklabel can prove difficult due to kernel label protectio
M.Drochner@fz-juelic toolchain/18166: crunchgen problem on mipsel (cross) toolchain port-macppc/18167: HPT UDMA Controllers cause hang on macppc pkg/18168: packages could contain menus (patches provided)
Julio Merino pkg/18169: Make work with buildlink2
rob.lester@quantum.c lib/18170: caltontp() function in NTP subsystem ignores "seconds" field of inpu
09/05/2002 pkg/18171: pkgsrc/mail/spamassassin rc.d script broken
Julio Merino misc/18173: Print start date when build finishes
julien.letessier@sun pkg/18174: x11/gdm {DE}INSTALL script bug pkg/18175: tclX8.2.0
julien.letessier@sun pkg/18177: x11/gdm patch bug
h-masuda@ootani.naga xsrc/18178: XalphaNetBSD is core dumped
David Laight Re: pkg/18174: x11/gdm {DE}INSTALL script bug
Julio Merino pkg/18181: Update devel/GConf2 to 1.2.1
Julio Merino pkg/18182: gnome-mime-types' references unexistant pkg
Julio Merino pkg/18183: New for devel/libbonobo.
Bernd Ernesti bin/18184: df no longer displays unmounted partitions kern/18185: shutdown(s, SHUT_RD); doesn't.
Julio Merino pkg/18186: New package sysutils/gnome-vfs2, version 2.0.4
SAR pkg/18187: Package audio/vorbis-tools does not install ogg123
Julio Merino pkg/18188: Update devel/libglade2 to 2.0.1
Julio Merino pkg/18189: textproc/libxslt fails to build with buildlink2 pkg/18191: install/18192: various sysinst issues
grant beattie Re: pkg/18174: x11/gdm {DE}INSTALL script bug
Julio Merino pkg/18190: New package devel/libgnome, version 2.0.4 misc/18193: `dig -x ipv6addr' generates wrong reverse domains
Julio Merino pkg/18194: Update graphics/libart2 to 2.3.10
Julio Merino pkg/18195: New package graphics/libgnomecanvas, version 2.0.4 port-mac68k/18196: Duplicata in install notes pkg/18197: pkgsrc/x11/xfstt rc.d script is not xpkgwedge friendly
Julio Merino pkg/18198: new package devel/libbonoboui, version 2.0.3 pkg/18199: buildlink2 may not work with pkgsrc under /usr/local
Julio Merino pkg/18201: New package devel/libgnomeui, version 2.0.5
Julio Merino pkg/18202: New package devel/libwnck, version 0.17
Julio Merino pkg/18203: Update and fixes for print/libgnomeprint
Julio Merino pkg/18204: New package devel/libgnomeprintui, version 1.116.0 port-i386/18205: lm driver temperature miscalculation
Julio Merino pkg/18206: New package x11/gtk2-engines, version 1.9.0
Bjoern.Labitzke@t-on pkg/18208: sysutils/lsof fails to build on -current (Sep 5th, 2002)
Julio Merino pkg/18209: New package x11/gnome2-desktop, version 2.0.8 admin/18210: rlogind has no option to use IP address in utmp
multix@peregrin.netb port-mac68k/18207: mMosaic problem pkg/18211: qt-3.0.5 crashes pkg/18212: wine arts/sane fixes
Julio Merino pkg/18213: devel/bonobo tries to remove "shared" directory
Julio Merino pkg/18214: devel/opencm should contain a MESSAGE about OpenSSL
Julio Merino pkg/18215: New package devel/gail, version 0.17
Julio Merino pkg/18216: New package www/libgtkhtml, version 2.0.2
Rhialto pkg/18217: devel/pth with --enable-syscall-hard breaks on Alpha
Julio Merino pkg/18218: of devel/bonobo-activation misses a directory
Julio Merino pkg/18219: New package x11/gnome2-panel, version 2.0.9
Julio Merino pkg/18220: sysutils/gnome-vfs2 is broken
Julio Merino pkg/18221: New package x11/gnome2-session, version 2.0.7
Greg A. Woods bin/18222: patch to allow a uid or gid of (-2) matching default NFS mapping for
David Laight Re: bin/18222: patch to allow a uid or gid of (-2) matching default NFS mapping
Julio Merino pkg/18223: New package x11/gnome2-cc, version
David Laight Re: bin/18222: patch to allow a uid or gid of (-2) matching default NFS mapping
Greg A. Woods Re: security/6594: the default "nobody" credentials (32767:9999) do not match m
Greg A. Woods Re: bin/18222: patch to allow a uid or gid of (-2) matching default NFS mapping
Julio Merino pkg/18224: Incorrect dependancy in devel/GConf2 (plus some fixes)
David Laight Re: security/6594: the default "nobody" credentials (32767:9999) do not match m
Greg A. Woods Re: bin/18222: patch to allow a uid or gid of (-2) matching default NFS mapping
David Laight Re: bin/18222: patch to allow a uid or gid of (-2) matching default NFS mapping
Greg A. Woods Re: security/6594: the default "nobody" credentials (32767:9999) do not match m
David Laight Re: security/6594: the default "nobody" credentials (32767:9999) do not match m
Julio Merino pkg/18225: of net/ORBit2 has wrong package specification
Greg A. Woods Re: security/6594: the default "nobody" credentials (32767:9999) do not match m kern/18227: crash when network cable unplugged install/18228: 'make install' fails to install all files lib/18229: spontaneous getlogin() corruption
lizsac@mack.mikegrou toolchain/18260: toolchain
Julio Merino pkg/18226: Update wm/metacity to 2.4.0
David Laight Re: security/6594: the default "nobody" credentials (32767:9999) do not match m
Julio Merino pkg/18230: of devel/libglade misses target
David Laight Re: lib/18229: spontaneous getlogin() corruption
Julio Merino misc/18231: ld.elf_so(1) should mention compilation with DEBUG
Julio Merino pkg/18232: New package wm/whiteBOX, version 0.4.2.
Julio Merino pkg/18233: New package editors/hnb, version 1.8.1
Frank Kardel kern/18234: devsw branch integration breaks device modload
Greg A. Woods Re: security/6594: the default "nobody" credentials (32767:9999) do not match m bin/18235: increase resolution of times in top pkg/18237: lsof compile failure on 1.6-current
Klaus Heinz pkg/18236: pth with syscall-hard hangs on NetBSD/amiga, maybe on m68k in genera bin/18238: dig reports server ipv6 address when using ipv4
Julio Merino pkg/18240: Update devel/boehm-gc to 6.1
wojtek@tensor.3miast pkg/18241: no way to specify suexec's userdir from pkgsrc pkg/18242: pkgsrc/net/dante should use PKG_SYSCONFDIR pkg/18243: BUILDLINK_PREFIX.guppi needs to be changed to X11PREFIX in buildlink
Chris Jepeway port-i386/18244: pmap_enter(..., PMAP_CANFAIL) vs. DIAGNOSTIC Check in pmap_get pkg/18245: ftp site for 1.5/i386 has XFree86-4.x.x packages
Andrew.E.White@motor toolchain/18246: .cpp C++ suffix not supported by standard makefiles
Andrew.E.White@motor toolchain/18247: doesn't support C++ includes when DESTDIR set
Andrew.E.White@motor toolchain/18248: -I (space) (path) syntax not supported by
Tyler.Retzlaff@elysi pkg/18249: Inappropriate permissions on PGDATA after pgsql install (postgresql) pkg/18250: jakarta-tomcat rc.d script 'restart' doesn't wait for jvm exit
julien.letessier@sun pkg/18251: Patch bug in graphics/netpbm pkg/18252: jakarta-tomcat ClassNotFoundException(s) on startup.
Julio Merino pkg/18253: PLIST of x11/gtk2 misses a directory
Klaus Heinz pkg/18254: update of mail/spamassassin to version 2.41
Edward V. Hynan Jr. misc/18255: stat(2) manual page inaccurate port-hpcarm/18256: hpcarm MAXPATIONS bump request
Ben Harris standards/18257: POSIX.2-1992: ps(1)'s TIME column has the wrong format
Julio Merino misc/18258: etc/openssl/private should be private by default
Martin Weber pkg/18259: devel/ffcall Homepage has moved
Juan@xtraeme.dyndns. pkg/18261: pkgsrc kde3-i18n bin/18262: ld.elf_so failures
julien.letessier@sun pkg/18263: Minor though important bug in x11/controlcenter/ pkg/18264: pkg pkg/18268: graphics/sodipodi is out of date toolchain/18270: Kernel builds from handle COPTS wrong. toolchain/18271: gcc without -O and with -mcpu=pentiumpro -march=pentiumpro is
09/12/2002 kern/18265: wi driver link dies
Hiroshi TOMIE pkg/18266: pkgsrc fonts/jisx0208fonts can't make and install all fonts. lib/18269: wc(r)tomb()'s behavior is out of the standard, ISO-C/SUS. misc/18272: xterm in termcap 1.70 has issues...
Martin Husemann bin/18273: man(1) does not find sparc(4) files on sparc64
jaco@scrogneugneu.or pkg/18274: print/cups : unable to access to admin web page
Ryo HAYASAKA pkg/18275: scrollkeeper-update in devel/anjuta and x11/controlcenter dumps core pkg/18276: pkglint should check MESSAGE file format pkg/18280: ap-DBI misnamed
Lubomir Sedlacik pkg/18278: maintainer update of chat/silc-server to version 0.9.5 pkg/18279: Please support recent version of eagle (cad/eagle)
Lubomir Sedlacik pkg/18277: maintainer update of chat/silc-client to version
douglas@fang.demon.c pkg/18281: chat/gabber fails to compile on NetBSD-1.5.3/i386
Alok Singh NAT translation for NETBIOS -
Ryo HAYASAKA lib/18282: uncorrect /var/run/utmpx file owner and group, and modes
Manuel Bouyer Re: NAT translation for NETBIOS -
Hauke Fath pkg/18283: editors/xemacs install fails on NetBSD/sparc 1.6
Wolfgang Rupprecht Re: NAT translation for NETBIOS -
Keith Moore Re: NAT translation for NETBIOS - pkg/18285: update to mail/demime: (0.99d.1)
09/14/2002 bin/18284: "pmap" invocation without args will result in unhelpful output
lloyd@must-have-coff toolchain/18286: compiler bug, probably in register renumbering
Rhialto pkg/18287: net/gtk-gnutella needs patches (included)
Marko =?iso-8859-1?Q?Sch pkg/18288: bidwatcher update to version 1.3.5 pkg/18289: new package: ap-bandwidth-2.0.3
thorpej@shagadelic.o toolchain/18290: lint has no lib equivalent of -d includedir
Lubomir Sedlacik toolchain/18291: -R fails with additional optimizations in mk.conf
thorpej@shagadelic.o bin/18292: file/mkmagic not build as a host tool properly
thorpej@shagadelic.o toolchain/18293: make ld.elf_so handle unaligned relocs on hppa
thorpej@shagadelic.o toolchain/18294: make ld.elf_so handle unaligned relocs on powerpc
thorpej@shagadelic.o toolchain/18295: make ld.elf_so handle unaligned relocs on sh3
thorpej@shagadelic.o toolchain/18296: make ld.elf_so handle unaligned relocs on sparc
thorpej@shagadelic.o toolchain/18297: make ld.elf_so handle unaligned relocs on sparc64 pkg/18298: pkgsrc rrdtool perl code doesn't work
09/15/2002 bin/18299: sh(1) race condition on SIGINT
Manuel Bouyer Re: bin/18292: file/mkmagic not build as a host tool properly
Julio Merino pkg/18300: devel/pango fails to build (probably because of buildlink2)
Rhialto pkg/18301: lang/perl58 fails tests on Alpha when gcc is too old (patch provided pkg/18302: Add sablecc to pkgsrc
Alex Newman will someone fix send-pr's webform
richards+netbsd@CS.P pkg/18304: [PATCH] vorbis-tools lacks dependency on libiconv
richards+netbsd@CS.P pkg/18305: net/unison has malformed BUILD_DEPENDS line pkg/18309: in Zoularis running on SunOS5.8 gcc does not compile
jschauma@netmeister. misc/18310: one last test
Frederick Bruckman Re: bin/18292: file/mkmagic not build as a host tool properly port-i386/18313: mlx0: bad completion returned install/18315: segmentation fault during instalation of man.tgz
09/17/2002 port-mac68k/18311: mac68k host booter/install tools need to be in source reposi bin/18312: phantasia should set grail location at runtime not buildtime toolchain/18314: C++ applications on m68k have binary differences on m68k toolchain/18316: C++ applications on mipsel have binary differences toolchain/18317: C++ applications on mipseb have binary differences misc/18318: No warning for missing rc.conf line when starting postgres bin/18319: "route delete" incorrectly reports "host" when deleting a network ro port-pmax/18320: install doc is out of date bin/18321: 'ls -i' core dumps pkg/18322: Update for devel/jakarta-ant to 1.5
Lubomir Sedlacik misc/18323: fix indentation in mii.4
jtk@kolvir.arlington pkg/18324: zoularis failure
Nick Cuccia bin/18325:
Nick Cuccia bin/18326: pkg/18327: [sysutils/findutils] relocation problem bin/18328: pull up request: rev 1.7 of src/sbin/rndctl/rndctl.c kern/18329: pull up request: rev 1.53 of src/sys/kern/uipc_socket.c pkg/18330: [Zoularis on Solaris] perl build faild
M.Drochner@fz-juelic bin/18331: racoon doesn't keep SAs in sync
paul@gromit.dlib.vt. pkg/18332: R-1.5.1 fails to install on alpha
Alex Newman pkg/18309
Jan Schaumann pkg/18333: CFLAGS weirdness
09/19/2002 kern/18334: argc = 0 causes rtld null pointer deref
dawszy@polnet.wroc.p pkg/18335: chat/ekg MAINTAINER update
him@compaq.medien.te pkg/18336: apache build for Zoularis has wrong db include path
bishop@rr.iij4u.or.j pkg/18337: vmware-module can't compile after merge of devsw
Andrew Brown kern/18338: gre use in -current causes kernel panic
Andrew Brown Re: kern/18338: gre use in -current causes kernel panic install/18339: full install does not install man pages, at& port-shark/18340: kdebase3 doesn't compile on shark netbsd 1.6 port-cobalt/18341: 1.6 does not boot on cobalt, pciide0:0:0: lost interrupt
stephenm@employees.o kern/18342: eso (ess solo-1) audio playback garbled
Martin Husemann install/18343: sysinst does not enable softdep
douglas@fang.demon.c pkg/18344: pkg_comp manpage doesn't match pkg_comp behavior
douglas@fang.demon.c pkg/18345: running adjustkernel (from sysutils/adjustkernel) doesn't show all i xsrc/18346: xdm does not use /dev/urandom kern/18347: wi(4) fails on sparc with prism 2.5 based card kern/18348: Interrupt fixup for ICH4 chipset pkg/18349: www/apache2 libtool contains path of buildlink dir
Wolfgang Stukenbrock port-i386/18350: /usr/mdec/installboot cannot install boot loader on RAID 1 dev
jaco@scrogneugneu.or pkg/18351: latest Texinfo is 4.2, package version is 4.0 misc/18352: How to use mount options, such as -s=1g, in /etc/fstab? bin/18353: mount_mfs /dev/wd0b /tmp behavior changed. Functionality lost.
Julio Merino pkg/18354: autoconf-devel update to 2.54 port-shark/18355: 1.6 shark install image assumes ... interesting TERM. install/18356: partition size editor in sysinst treats "return" badly. pkg/18357: gettext fails to build on Mac OS X/Darwin port-i386/18358: dot.profile sets console line speed to 9600 on install disks
09/21/2002 kern/18359: Melco ne? PCMCIA ethernet card unsupported in 1.6 kern/18360: wi(4) core dump on sparc
Julio Merino pkg/18361: rc.d script for setiathome
Julio Merino pkg/18362: of audio/arts requires
Julio Merino pkg/18363: New package misc/navigatrix, version 0.5 port-alpha/18364: zero-length X man pages
Roland.Dittel@netbsd pkg/18365: pkgsrc ghostscript error
phoffman@above.prope install/18366:
Julio Merino pkg/18367: New package chat/kmess, 0.9.6 pkg/18369: math/grace - pkg update pkg/18370: netscape7 package won't build on readonly filesystem
murray@river-styx.or kern/18372: Throughput enhancement to pcmcia xi driver
Julio Merino pkg/18368: KDevelop needs autoconf-devel to create projects pkg/18371: wm/fvwm2's default CPP path point to the path in build work area
anthony.mallet@usele pkg/18373: new package: tls-1.4 (SSL channel for TCL)
Julio Merino pkg/18374: Improve DESCR of KDE3 packages kern/18375: Added support for VIA VT8233 AC'97 to the auvia driver kern/18376: fun with vlan bin/18377: A NULL character in config file confuses config(8)
lucifer@lightbearer. lib/18378: libc should provide ftw/nftw
lucifer@lightbearer. lib/18379: libc should support __cxa_atexit pkg/18381: libmikmod fails to build in zoularis pkg/18382: ncurses is broken in Zoularis(SunOS 5.8)
09/23/2002 pkg/18385: xmms not linking in zoularis(sunos 5.8)
chris@riednet.tu-dar xsrc/18386: X trashes Text Consoles kern/18387: New MI switch code has serious performance issues on i386 kern/18388: wsfont support spotty pkg/18390: emacs pkgsrc build requires libtool but has no dependency
09/24/2002 pkg/18380: pkgsrc on Solaris should depend on devel/patch if gpatch is not avai pkg/18383: OWN_DIRS can cause dirs to be removed when they shouldn't be pkg/18384: pkg_delete does not completely remove packages
ura@hiru.aoba.yokoha pkg/18389: Update pkg/mail/drac to 1.11
Geoff C.Wing bin/18391: nfsd glitch for poll() conversion kern/18392: bpf problems: traffic on loopback while bpf is active => kernel pan
Geoff C.Wing bin/18393: add chgrp to /rescue set request kern/18394: APM bug on IBM Thinkpad i1200 laptops (loops forever) kern/18395: USB floppy (umass) does not work (Thinkpad i1200 series) pkg/18396: audio/SDL-mixer doesn't build without gettext-lib
Matthias Scheler pkg/18397: buildlink2 conversion breaks installation of "bonobo" package
opp@MuFFiN.Org bin/18398: tcpdump crashes when receiving CDP-packets
Julio Merino misc/18399: make(1) misses variable in "not recommended" list. bin/18400: Add ``i was here before'' to /etc/rc.subr pkg/18401: Just enable skey?
Benedikt Meurer bin/18402: fixed du(1), added -h option to display human-readable format
Matthias Scheler pkg/18403: buildlink2 conversion breaks installation of "koffice" package bin/18404: /usr/bin/telnet fails to Kerberize to multi-address DNS name
jschauma@cs.stevens- pkg/18406: devel/argtable uses libefence misc/18407: missing COMPAT_15 standards/18408: abbreviation for SI prefix 'kilo' is 'k' NOT 'K'. kern/18409: kernel panic during write port-i386/18410: NetBSD 1.6: APM does not work on IBM Thinkpad A31 Type 2652-C4 bin/18411: nfs doesn't work in netbsd 1.6 ip4 only kernel
09/25/2002 pkg/18405: new package
kre@munnari.OZ.AU pkg/18412: x11/xkbset dumps core if the XKB extension is not loaded
kre@munnari.OZ.AU pkg/18413: x11/xkbset does not install with xpkgwedge installed kern/18414: tlp driver can "collect" ~10 packets in 1.6 before sending them lib/18415: __byte_swap_word_variable -- with different width due to prototype pkg/18416: ymessenger pkgsrc is obsolete (ymessenger-0.93.0) pkg/18417: libglade does not compile without accessible X Server misc/18418: pppd route created with wrong interface port-i386/18419: can't dump to a RAIDframe device
fvdl@wasabisystems.c pkg/18420: gnome-libs ( fails to link
Martin Husemann bin/18421: make install does not populate /libexec early enough pkg/18422: distribute:write_index() is called too early. pkg/18423: canna-server and canna-server-bin differences kern/18424: nqnfs [client] gives lockmgr panic from nfs_remove()
wgstuken@nagler-comp port-i386/18426: setting serial speed in bootloader during installation
Darrin B. Jewell port-macppc/18427: macppc INSTALL kernel does not support uninorth misc/18428: man page of hier(7) has formating error
flynn@energyhq.homei pkg/18429: New package: devel/libdialog (FreeBSD's libdialog) pkg/18430: xforms not using gcc well
Greg A. Woods port-sparc64/18432: DHCP autoconfiguration kbd breakpoint in netbsd-sparc64 1.6
09/27/2002 pkg/18425: buildlink2 silently fails when it cannot find _BLNK_WRAPPEES in PATH
Martin Husemann kern/18431: wi driver does not work anymore with != prism2 cards w/o an accessp
Martin Husemann port-shark/18433: current shark kernel does not boot kern/18434: wi.c can't compile on hpcmips (maybe all mips ports) bin/18435: -current route6d is broken bin/18436: ls -i dumps core (Floating point exception)
richards+netbsd@CS.P pkg/18437: [PATCH] Update lang/sml-nj to 110.41
dgriffi@cs.csubak.ed pkg/18438: gopher won't build port-i386/18439: Unable to view jpegs in KDE applications
Julio Merino bin/18440: Typo in etcupdate script
09/28/2002 None bin/18442: 'su command' without -c results in unexpected behavior pkg/18443: pkgsrc: some failures in the global 'make clean' bin/18444: cdplay off-by-one error bin/18445: ssh default setting of PermitRootLogin not consistent with documenta
Benedikt Meurer bin/18455: latest du(1) change cause du to dump core install/18456: install docs needs to mention how to login as root from net
nyar-junk@int0rnet.n kern/18457: Fix for bad memory leak in if_url.c pkg/18458: devel/automake-devel (1.7) doesn't build
christianbiere@gmx.d pkg/18460: HTMLDOC 1.8.22 has been released (plus patch) pkg/18454: gnupg does not build
09/29/2002 kern/18441: extraneous keyboard warnings when no legacy keyboard attached pkg/18447: KDE[23] laptop power management is disable on 1.6 kern/18448: ohci_device_isoc_close calls ohci_rem_ed twice kern/18449: random kernel panic occurs while playing uaudio at ohci port-sparc64/18450: USB related charactor devices are missing on sparc64 port-sparc64/18451: CRC errors occur on tlp (100baseTX) of Netra X1 port-sparc64/18452: microtime has possibility that time steps backwards port-sparc64/18453: wrong time comparison in iommu_strbuf_flush_done port-sparc64/18459: 32-bit kernels are broken pkg/18461: www/netscape7 package does not install correctly pkg/18462: devel/pkgconfig requires threads
Stoned Elipot misc/18463: s/net.inet6.ip6.bindv6only/net.inet6.ip6.v6only/ in IP6(4)
Bjoern.Labitzke@t-on pkg/18464: security/gnupg fails to build on -current (28th Sep 02) pkg/18465: Update graphics/mplayer to pre8 kern/18466: 1.6 + dejagnu + gdb == random SIGSEGV from wait4() misc/18467: typo in options(4) port-i386/18468: inconsistency in conf/GENERIC pkg/18470: H.323 dissector plugin support for net/ethereal pkg/18473: pkg_add fails to locate dependencies
John Kohl Re: kern/18414: tlp driver can "collect" ~10 packets in 1.6 before sending them bin/18474: bug in useradd
Richard Rauch Re: kern/18414: tlp driver can "collect" ~10 packets in 1.6 before
Benedikt Meurer bin/18475: make strpct i18n aware misc/18476: add /etc/skel to mtree special
Benedikt Meurer Re: bin/10986: mount_nfs doesn't fallback to IPv4
Andrew Brown Re: bin/10986: mount_nfs doesn't fallback to IPv4
Benedikt Meurer Re: bin/10986: mount_nfs doesn't fallback to IPv4
Christian Groessler kern/18478: support for VS-Com PCI-210H 2 serial 1 parallel card
VaX#n8 kern/18479: siop: target 6 asynchronous, unexpected phase 2 mismatch pkg/18480: Package created for qadsl 1.2 kern/18481: Someone broke RAIDframe autoconfig
Jason R Thorpe Re: bin/10986: mount_nfs doesn't fallback to IPv4
jarkko.teppo@er-grp. port-vax/18483: atan() SIGILL on 1.6, vax 4000/90 kern/18482: Supporting sector size != DEV_BSIZE