Index of netbsd-bugs for December, 1998

Tatoku Ogaito lib/6517: strftime %s returns non-terminaterd string
TheMan misc/6519: etc/Makefile installed skeykeys with wrong mode
TheMan misc/6520: setjmp.h handles renaming a little differently from everything else
TheMan lib/6521: current libc does not lint completely cleanly (part one of many :) xsrc/6522: xf86config supplied monitor modeline typo
Dave Huang bin/6526: maketars setname inconsistency
Simon Burge pkg/6528: nethack-tty doesn't build
Wolfgang Rupprecht port-sparc/6529: df display problem on sparc
12/05/1998 install/6530: typo in groff_mmse.7 pkg/6531: package for abs-0.4 pkg/6533: mysql doesn't install properly pkg/6534: py-mysql does not work
Frederick Bruckman pkg/6535: New "dt" package for macs
Bill Sommerfeld kern/6536: wscons has no equivalent to PCVT_META_ESC
Soren S. Jorvang bin/6537: let /bin/rmail symlink go
Dave Sainty Re: kern/6536: wscons has no equivalent to PCVT_META_ESC
maximum entropy port-atari/6539: Supported device "leo0" is not created by the atari MAKEDEV sc port-sun3/6540: sun3x MACHINE_NEW_NONCONTIG and UVM fix
Bill Sommerfeld bin/6542: xntp documentation not installed
TheMan misc/6543: src/regress/sys/kern/execve/tests need to be executable kern/6544: pciide1 error
12/08/1998 port-pmax/6545: file(1) reports invalid byte order for DECStation binaries
John Nemeth bin/6546: dhclient vs. Shaw@Home
Andreas Gustafsson kern/6547: com driver asserts DTR too late for KGDB or serial console
Rob Windsor security/6548: Remove need for /etc/changelist
Wolfgang Rupprecht bin/6551: xntpd dies w. interface aliases
SUNAGAWA Keiki port-mac68k/6549: kernel locks up when disklabel with non boot-drive w/ serial
bsieker@techfak.uni- port-i386/6550: Linux libc6 programs crash on calling other programs
jim spath port-i386/6552: probe fails to find QUANTUM LPS540S 590S on 2940UW
Andreas Gustafsson Re: kern/5377: sys/system.h inludes lib/libkern/libkern.h for LKM too
hermit@cs.tu-berlin. bin/6553: kill doesn´t know -s option
drochner@zel459.zel. Re: kern/5377: sys/system.h inludes lib/libkern/libkern.h for LKM too
TheMan misc/6554: kernel execve regression tests fail for lack of executability
Geoff Wing Re: bin/6553: kill =?iso-8859-1?Q?doesn=B4t?= know -s option
Joseph Myers bin/6556: [PATCH] Adventure EOF handling
Joseph Myers bin/6557: [PATCH] Adventure cleanup
David Brownlee Re: bin/6553: kill =?iso-8859-1?Q?doesn=B4t?= know -s option
Matthieu Herrb xsrc/6559: XKB allways disabled
Andrew Brown Re: =?iso-8859-1?Q?bin=2F6553:_kill_doesn=B4t_know_-s_option?=
Bjoern Labitzke Re: bin/6553: kill =?iso-8859-1?Q?doesn=B4t?= know -s option
David Brownlee Re: =?iso-8859-1?Q?bin=2F6553:_kill_doesn=B4t_know_-s_option?=
Andreas Gustafsson Re: kern/5377: sys/system.h inludes lib/libkern/libkern.h for LKM too lib/6560: openpty() too restrictive about what you can do
Andrew Brown Re: =?iso-8859-1?Q?bin=2F6553:_kill_doesn=B4t_know_-s_option?=
Andrew Brown Re: =?iso-8859-1?Q?bin=2F6553:_kill_doesn=B4t_know_-s_option?=
Takahiro Kambe kern/6561: ip_fil.h includes opt_* header in user land.
Geoff Wing Re: =?iso-8859-1?Q?bin=2F6553:_kill_doesn=B4t_know_-s_option?=
Jason R Thorpe kern/6565: PCI NCR driver cannot work i/o mapped
TheMan misc/6566: /var/backups only keep two instances of each "watched" file
12/12/1998 xsrc/6567: gcc in 1.3 and later no longer have -fstrength-reduce bug pkg/6568: Package for abacus-0.9.13
Joseph Myers bin/6569: [PATCH] Sail pointer/integer casts
Jim Wise bin/6571: If lkm=NO in /etc/rc.conf, /usr doesn't mount early enough for $ppp_p
Justin T. Gibbs kern/6573: Move/Exchange operations exceeding device caps should return ENODEV
Dave Sainty Re: bin/6571: If lkm=NO in /etc/rc.conf, /usr doesn't mount early enough for $p
fk200329@fsinet.or.j port-mac68k/6574: .bcscreen device driver(LKM)
Frederick Bruckman pkg/6575: Upgrade for xpdf package to xpdf-0.80, attached
maximum entropy port-atari/6576: Problem with GEMDOS filenames containing '+'
Erik E. Fair kern/6577: MNT_SYMPERM not documented in mount(2)
bgrayson@ece.utexas. misc/6578: mounting local filesystems in /etc/rc
Joseph Myers bin/6580: [PATCH] Backgammon: patch to use const
Christian E. Hopps pkg/6581: gnome doesn't build pkg/6582: pkgtools version check in pkgsrc/mk/ fix for nawk
Olle Bergqvist bin/6584: Linker failures
Olle Bergqvist bin/6585: Linker failures
Olle Bergqvist bin/6586: Linker failures
Olle Bergqvist bin/6588: Linker failures
Olle Bergqvist bin/6587: Linker failures
Olle Bergqvist bin/6589: Linker failures
Olle Bergqvist bin/6590: Linker failures
Tim Rightnour kern/6593: Linksys ne2000 does not do full duplex mode. security/6594: the default "nobody" credentials (32767:9999) do not match mount
salvet@horn.ics.muni kern/6595: cannot choose Mach VM in kernel config
Zdenek Salvet kern/6596: cannot choose Mach VM in kernel config
Christos Zoulas kern/6597: bin/6598: ksh can lose its editing capability if a background job reports "stop pkg/6599: ispell package registration doesn't work for "make british" or "make pkg/6600: ispell pkgsrc missing patch to texinfo docs to work with install-info pkg/6601: packages with texinfo documents should use makeinfo, not emacs
Todd Vierling Re: kern/6595: cannot choose Mach VM in kernel config
Takahiro Kambe kern/6603: new addition to pcmciadevs / if_ne_pcmcia.c pkg/6604: lex fails somehow when building NMH-0.27 kern/6605: The Yamaha YMF724E-V PCI audio device is not recognised
bgrayson@ece.utexas. bin/6607: dump est could be better
yak@MIT.EDU pkg/6608: xli package does not obey the X11BASE variable in mk.conf
12/19/1998 pkg/6612: xview-lib won't build on -current
Christos Zoulas bin/6614: /usr/bin/machine should be deleted.
Krister Walfridsson port-i386/6615: Kernel must have midi enabled to compile
12/20/1998 port-mac68k/6613: missing #ifdef ALTXBUTTONS in aed.c
Izumi Tsutsui misc/6616: jmptest.c fix to adapt signal changes in src/regress kern/6619: Motorolla ModemSURFR not detected by isapnp code
Michael Graff pkg/6621: package pthreads doesn't work on NetBSD-1.3I bin/6622: fix to make 'disklabel -r -e' work on a blank un-labeled disk lib/6623: fix to add '-f disktab' to disklabel(8) as well as clean up <sys/disk bin/6624: NetBSD (in particular "disklabel") should probably not use sectors/tr
Lennart Augustsson install/6625: The i386 install floppy overflows
Denis Melnikov failed to install via ftp on Compaq Proliant 800
Manuel Bouyer Re: failed to install via ftp on Compaq Proliant 800 pkg/6627: ncurses terminfo.5 manual page needs tbl preprocessing bin/6626: 'pkg_info -Ia' always trims output to 80 columns pkg/6628: xpkgwedge gives misleading instructions about XAPPLRESDIR
Tim Rightnour port-alpha/6634: divide by zero gives strange results on alpha pkg/6635: Update of abs Package to Version 0.5
Krister Walfridsson port-i386/6636: Wscons doesn't find the mouse for Toshiba Libretto 50CT
Phil Budne lib/6637: libc does not support 64-bit file offsets; fgetpos truncates
Todd Vierling Re: port-alpha/6634: divide by zero gives strange results on alpha
Todd Vierling Re: port-alpha/6634: divide by zero gives strange results on alpha
Kevin Schoedel Re: port-alpha/6634: divide by zero gives strange results on alpha
Ignatios Souvatzis pkg/6638: teTeX package should test on __NetBSD__, not unix
Gary Duzan pkg/6639: GTK package requires perl
Ross Harvey Re: port-alpha/6634: divide by zero gives strange results on alpha
12/23/1998 pkg/6643: transfig is not compatible with an undefined MANZ pkg/6644: xfig only partly compatible with xpkgwedge
Matthias Scheler kern/6641: mount_mfs can cause UVM crash
Martin J. Laubach port-i386/6642: PNP assigned IRQ conflicts with legacy ISA card. pkg/6645: gv is not compatible with xpkgwedge pkg/6646: teTeX not compatible with pkgsrc
Kouichi Matsuda bin/6647: ftp(1) of 1.3.3 can not edit/complete command line
Wolfgang Helbig bin/6649: apropos(1) displays duplicate entries
Mario Kemper pkg/6650: p5-Tk does'nt build pkg/6651: Afterstep-1.6.0 package
12/26/1998 kern/6652: swapping to a sparse file fails unpredictably. kern/6653: libsa/libkern fixes to compile with egcs -Werror
12/27/1998 kern/6654: add support of AMD Am53c974 PCscsi-PCI SCSI
Brett Slager kern/6655: pci/tga driver ioctl goofs
h-masuda@jm3spa.feli port-newsmips/6656: kernel for NetBSD/newsmips can't be compiled due to undefin
h-masuda@jm3spa.feli port-newsmips/6657: kernel for NetBSD/newsmips can't be compiled due to undefin
Martin Husemann kern/6658: panic in routing timers memory pool
Joseph Myers bin/6659: [PATCH] Rain: curses conversion patch
Joseph Myers bin/6660: [PATCH] Battlestar: patch to use const
Joseph Myers bin/6661: [PATCH] Worms: curses conversion patch lib/6662: <curses.h> #defines `reg' as `register', against all rules of common
stephenm@employees.o kern/6663: pcic_attach() broken for Cirrus Logic PD-672x
ITOH Yasufumi Re: bin/6661: [PATCH] Worms: curses conversion patch pkg/6664: PostgreSQL pkg does not support m68k architecture port-mac68k/6665: bogus asm in bus.h
Erik E. Fair misc/6666: Makefiles will not correctly build installation notes on read-only /
Erik E. Fair port-sun3/6667: Makefiles will not build installation support on read-only /usr
Erik E. Fair test/6668: testing PR for things to come
eramer@era-t.ericsso kern/6669: pcic_chip_mem_alloc() can't handle large requests
Perry E. Metzger Re: bin/6661: [PATCH] Worms: curses conversion patch
Garbled User bin/6671: Make fails to make targets, but make -dA builds them
Eric S. Hvozda install/6672: NetBSD.dist does the wrong thing for /var/msgs
Eric S. Hvozda port-i386/6673: ex(4) does not always get the MAC address right on 3c905 Rev B
Eric S. Hvozda install/6675: /var/log/aculog is missing
Eric S. Hvozda install/6676: There is no rc support for RAIDframe
12/29/1998 kern/6674: NFS server does not allow user mkfifo pkg/6677: Package for gtksamba-0.3.0 pkg/6678: Package for hylafax 4.0pl2
Hubert Feyrer bin/6679: vgrind -f breaks \ns
Lennart Augustsson bin/6680: wsconsctl buglets
eramer@era-t.ericsso bin/6681: Wrong #if logic for longjmp protection in mail
eramer@era-t.ericsso port-i386/6682: Uninitialized variable in installboot
netbsd-bugs None
12/30/1998 pkg/6683: Package for tkhylafax-3.1
Martin J. Laubach pkg/6684: Package for PGP 5.0i
Matthias Scheler pkg/6685: unzip broken after update to version 5.40
Jarkko Torppa pkg/6687: plan-1.7.2 wont guess timezone correctly port-next68k/6688: ddb backtrace after address trap skips faulting address
Takahiro Kambe kern/6689: kernel build fail without USB_DEBUG
Matthias Scheler kern/6690: interrupt handling in ThunderLan driver seems to be broken pkg/6691: Package for gtksql-0.2 pkg/6692: Package for glade-0.3.9 pkg/6693: Update of geda package to 19981213
mason@acheron.middle misc/6694: pciide man page typo
woods@proven.weird.c port-i386/6695: boot_console(8) needs mdoc fixes and other upgrades