Index of netbsd-bugs for September, 1997

Havard.Eidnes@runit. port-hp300/4071: hp300 standalone disklabel doesn't fill out required fields kern/4072: small patch for sys/dev/isa/lpt.c bin/4073: /etc/rc not finding default hosts for ntpdate properly
Matthias Scheler bin/4074: "route flush" handles empty routing table wrong bin/4076: rpc.bootparamd prints an empty line when debug mode port-mac68k/4078: LCIII and SBC in -current kernels
John Kohl kern/4079: ahc driver hangs initializing aic7850 after Win95 frobs it
09/04/1997 kern/4081: mount/eject combination causes load increasion with ATAPI cdrom
Matthieu Herrb bin/4082: amd dumps core if a server is down
Matthias Scheler port-i386/4083: Linux emulation of fcntl(...,F_GETLK,...) is broken kern/4085: Turn SCSIVERBOSE/PCIVERBOSE/EISAVERBOSE into defopt'ed option bin/4086: small bugs in nfsd.c
Matthias Drochner kern/4087: incoming UDP broadcasts get inconsistent length information port-i386/4089: Prevent disklabel from destroying boot blocks
maximum entropy port-vax/4090: vax boot Makefile problem
Hubert Feyrer misc/4096: BIOSEXTMEM not documented in options.4
David.Sainty@MCS.VUW kern/4091: minor ANSI violations in headers kern/4092: ioctl CDIOCPLAYTRACKS does not work correctly
maximum entropy kern/4093: Dismount of NFS filesystem hanging in tsleep()
Michael C. Richardson kern/4094: changes to sys/arch/i386/i386/conf.c
09/08/1997 kern/4095: There may be a bug in console support in multi-port serial kern/4098: {KERNFS,NULLFS,UMAPFS,UNION}_DIAGNOSTIC kernel compile errors
Heiko W.Rupp kern/4099: Gather coredumps in one place
Peter Seebach Re: kern/4099: Gather coredumps in one place
Heiko W.Rupp Re: kern/4099: Gather coredumps in one place
Hiroyuki Ito Re: port-i386/4089: Prevent disklabel from destroying boot blocks
root@doris.update.uu port-pmax/4100: Kernel wont build on pmax.
Matthias Scheler bin/4101: path buffer in "man" much too small
Simon J. Gerraty bin/4102: make(1) needs makefile relative exists() or .include
bgrayson@ece.utexas. bin/4103: Various dump(8) oddities
Chris Jones bin/4104: k5login.c fix for krb5-1.0pl1
Hubert Feyrer misc/4106: More supporting cast: Lennart Augustsson misc/4108: /etc/mtree/special doesn't match /etc/mtree/NetBSD.dist
09/13/1997 bin/4107: dhclient in -current and the use of unlink()
09/14/1997 misc/4109: typo in man4.pmax/ioasci.4
Lennart Augustsson port-i386/4110: /usr/src/distrib/i386/floppies doesn't build
Lennart Augustsson kern/4111: vnd device crashes system Welcome to the first intellectual game on the net !!!
Luke Mewburn bin/4113: vi coredumps when 'set list' on some files
Martin Husemann port-i386/4114: bus_space_map should check region bounds
Manuel Bouyer kern/4115: Panic from nfs code at reboot
der Mouse lib/4117: [dM] sigaltstack(2) uses wrong names
Michael C. Richardson bin/4118: restoring a root partition is a pain
Bernd Ernesti bin/4119: trouble with src/libexec/rpc.rusersd
mhitch@gemini.oscs.m port-m68k/4120: vmapbuf()/vunmapbuf() bug in all m68k ports
Tim Janes Re: kern/3959: panic "lockmgr: locking against myself"
hermit@cs.tu-berlin. bin/4121: ls -LR ./ reports "directory causes a cycle" even for files bin/4122: XIDLE encapsulation of "ufp" is not consistent in rusers_proc.c
Perry E. Metzger Re: kern/3959: panic "lockmgr: locking against myself"
John Kohl kern/4123: ISA com driver no longer groks B0 as hangup misc/4124: termcap "amiga" entry problems
09/20/1997 port-i386/4127: the de driver doesn't work with the ACCTON EN1207 BNC port port-i386/4128: de driver doesn't work with ACCTON EN1207 BNC port
lukem@NetBSD.ORG lib/4126: queue(3) doesn't document SIMPLEQ_*
Jeremy Cooper misc/4129: rule for mkdep doesn't obey DESTDIR
jbernard@tater.mines security/4130: ftpd permits access to users with null shell
Matthias Scheler bin/4131: ftpd should have a guest only option
Matthias Scheler bin/4133: ftpd should be able to use alternate configuration files
Jon Schewe sun3x Netbsd 1.2.1
Erik Bertelsen port-i386/4132: Kernel link failure on non-PCI machine, autoconf.c misc/4135: utmp.5 : don't recommend rotating utmp/lastlog bin/4136: pppd should log to lastlog if it logs to wtmp kern/4137: coredump logging feature
dholland@eecs.harvar bin/4138: buffer bugs in bootparamd
dholland@eecs.harvar bin/4139: year-2038 problem in make
dholland@eecs.harvar bin/4140: make fixes for ELF environments
Daniel Hagerty bin/4141: netbsd's tcpdump doesn't DTRT with appletalk
Geoff Wing Re: bin/4136: pppd should log to lastlog if it logs to wtmp
arnd@harvey.uni-kobl bin/4143: problem with portmapper
Wolfgang Rupprecht bin/4144: amd pcfs umask bug
Dave Huang bin/4145: pppd unable to change interface addr when demand dialing w/unspecifie
Erik Bertelsen misc/4146: WARNS not unsettable in Makefiles
Per Amund Amundsen lib/4147: rintf() (3) returns incorrect values
09/25/1997 standards/4148: mrouted pid file location
bayer@informatik.uni bin/4149: new amd not mount nfs version 2 filesystems
Wailer bin/4150: Ctrl-C and Mail
maximum entropy kern/4152: options.4 contains typos
maximum entropy lib/4153: dangling reference in math.3 man page
maximum entropy lib/4154: ualarm.3 man page contains errors
maximum entropy lib/4155: chroot.2 man page error
maximum entropy lib/4156: brk.2 man page contains a typo
gillhaa@ghost.whirlp kern/4157: ping 'sendto' fails in single-user
09/26/1997 port-mac68k/4158: request for adding another adb device
maximum entropy bin/4160: fdformat transient failures bin/4161: Typo in usr.bin/ftp/cmds.c
Chris Jones kern/4162: make cleandir doesn't rm .depend in compile dir
Chris Jones bin/4163: popd misc/4165: Controlling build of sendmail from mk.conf
Chris Jones port-i386/4164: ifconfig ep0 causes panic
Chris Jones port-i386/4166: Can't compile kernel without com* enabled? bin/4167: WIBNI sh supported file/command/etc completion?
09/27/1997 bin/4168: Request for init to handle pppd
Carl Shapiro kern/4169: missing/incorect Intel PCIset and AGPset information in pcidevs
Carl Shapiro kern/4170: missing/incorect Intel PCIset and AGPset information in pcidevs
Michael van Elst bin/4168: Request for init to handle pppd
Brad Spencer kern/4172: panic: bha_init_ccb: can't create DMA maps
jbernard@tater.mines kern/4171: some scsi quirk table additions
Jonathan Stone port-pmax/4173: Break on dc serial console doesn't enter DDB
Jonathan Stone port-pmax/4174: starting X on pmax using serial console panics kernel
Jonathan Stone port-mips/4175: __start vs _start confusion in crt0 entrypoint on NetBSD/mips
David Johnston port-mac68k/4176: Need to add support for 33 Mhz LC475/Q605
dholland@eecs.harvar port-i386/4177: pccons.c scroll crash
jbernard@tater.mines security/4183: /etc/security ignores empty files from changelist
Bernd Ernesti bin/4185: pppd 2.3.1 fails to use a connection script
Jim Wise bin/4186: More types for /etc/magic
Lennart Augustsson bin/4187: expr: syntax error
Dan J Fraser misc/4188: Suggested changes to /etc
Matthias Scheler port-i386/4189: pccons doesn't compile if national keyboard map is used
Michael C. Richardson kern/4191: allow config to have a local files.BRI
Matthias Scheler kern/4190: if_de and bpf can cause kernel panic
Matthias Scheler misc/4192: tcsetattr.3 is wrong about cfsetspeed()
ignatios@cs.uni-bonn bin/4193: distrib/sysinst/menus.mi.eng are not machine independent
Chris G. Demetriou Re: bin/4193: distrib/sysinst/menus.mi.eng are not machine independent
Andrew Brown Re: bin/4193: distrib/sysinst/menus.mi.eng are not machine independent
Matthias Scheler Re: bin/4193: distrib/sysinst/menus.mi.eng are not machine independent
Michael C. Richardson port-i386/4196: patches to dev/isa/com.c for hardware TIOCMGET
ingolf@mipool.uni-je port-amiga/4197: panic after use of Xserver shared memory capabilities
Klaus Weber misc/4195: install/upgrade disks do not include ccd support